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Applications (Apps) are the beating heart of many organisations. The best are slick interfaces that expedite transactions; the not-so-good can be slow and frustrating and threaten revenue and add business risk.

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What's in it for you?

  • An introduction into what is application modernisation
  • Understand the risks and pains of not modernising
  • Identify the opportunities and gains of modernising
  • Discover key modernisation strategies




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Application Modernisation

  • What is application modernisation?
  • Why modernise?
  • Strategies to modernise
What is application modernisation?

Organisations usually retain legacy apps because they fulfil at least one key function - but you wouldn’t want employees driving cars that keep breaking down or allow your premises to fall into disrepair. So why let an outdated app threaten your business?

Application modernisation refers to overhauling old tech, often piece by piece. That creates a cutting-edge solution for current needs, and safeguards innovation by allowing for fast, safe and frequent updates further down the track.

Why modernise?

The times are ever-changing – why not your organisation? Ploughing on with legacy apps raises big risks: apps superseded by advances in technology can restrict innovation, frustrate customers and threaten revenue.

Modernising legacy apps will generate long-term - potentially indefinite - benefits, not to mention quick wins. That’s particularly so if you opt for a cloud-native solution (modern apps are designed for the cloud, legacy apps are tricky to move and can be expensive to run once there).

In the application modernisation guide above, we explore several key reasons businesses should modernise, alongside the key opportunities this provides. 

Strategies to modernise

Various cloud-focused app modernisation solutions each have different purposes, risks and costs. These strategies include rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, rearchitecting, rebuilding, and replacing – but before you can decide which is right for you, you need to know everything about your existing system.

That’s not just how it works for customers, but how it works for you. How was it created? What tech is used to maintain it? How does it integrate with other platforms? Who are your customers and why do they use it? What works well? What needs ditching or fixing?

Read more in our application modernisation guide above. 

Half-day strategy session

Application modernisation helps drive new revenue, reduce risk, innovate and transform your business by modernising legacy applications. There are multiple ways to modernise, each with its own risks and rewards, so beginning an application modernisation journey can be challenging. 

Through a free 1/2 day strategy session*, ClearPoint's experts will work with you to understand your key pain points and help you gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of modernising legacy apps, the risks of doing nothing, and the key modernisation strategies for different business cases. Our experts will work with you to shape up what you need and outline your specific requirements to undertake your modernisation journey 

What's in it for you?

  • Outline and understand your key risks and pain points
  • High-level identification of the opportunities and gains of modernising relevant to your organisation
  • Outline key requirements and shape up what you need to move forward
  • Understand the best modernisation strategy for your business
  • Free use of the ClearPoint Innovation Garage in Auckland for the strategy session

*Register your interest and we will get in touch. Provision and timing of this offer is entirely at the discretion of ClearPoint. We will be in touch to discuss your needs and what you hope you to achieve from this session. 



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