CIAM for Dummies

Deliver a secure, seamless and intuitive digital  experience 

CIAM for Dummies

Usernames and passwords have become a part of everyday life. Consumers manage different accounts for online shopping, bank accounts, and mobile apps. This is customer identity and access management (CIAM), and most consumers no doubt recognize some of the differences between good CIAM and bad CIAM in many of their digital experiences. Customer experience is key to increasing revenue which is why CIAM can have a significant impact on your business.

Valued ClearPoint partner, Okta, has created a CIAM for Dummies guide covering how modern CIAM can help organizations deliver secure, seamless digital experiences for their customers and partners.

What's inside:

  • What CIAM is and why it matters
  • What capabilities and features to look for in a modern CIAM solution
  • Ten steps to implementing the right CIAM solution for your business

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