FinOps: A New Approach to Getting Your Cloud Costs Under Control

ClearPoint GM Engineering Dave Shepherd covers the principles, practices and strategies as well as an approach for adopting and embedding a FinOps culture in your organisation. 

We’re sure you’ve experienced the occasional or regular “bill-shock” when the monthly cloud usage invoice turns up, and the sometimes difficult meetings that result from an unbudgeted or accidental overspend. If you haven’t yet you most likely will soon as your cloud footprint grows.

In this session, Dave explores how FinOps enables distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost and service quality. 

  • What is FinOps and why is it critical for organisations?
  • Understanding the FinOps Framework: Maturity, principles, personas, phases, domains
  • Tools for best practice across 3rd party providers, development extensions and cloud providers
  • A shift to real-time data and decision-making


Dave has 20+ years of IT experience in software engineering, project delivery, IT leadership, strategy and governance across a variety of industries. His experience spans software product companies, consultancies and corporates including 13+ years at Air New Zealand where he held GM roles leading the software engineering, application support and IT operations teams. With this mix of technical and leadership experience, Dave can operate and add value at many levels in organisations.

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