Using a product vision to drive digital transformation

How do you map the vision for your future customer experience to help steer the path forward for your digital transformation journey? Most organisations have a mission that summarises the purpose of the business without a concrete plan on how to get from their current state to future successes.

ClearPoint GM Design Dan Cornwall covers the framework and ingredients needed to create a tangible and validated Experience Vision to drive digital product delivery. This ‘North Star’ provides a long-term customer-centred product direction that helps teams plan quarterly roadmaps and shape day-to-day prioritisation and decision-making.



With over 20 years experience in digital product design and strategy, Dan’s journey spans a wide spectrum of digital expertise, industries and capabilities. Dan’s breadth of multi-sector and multi-discipline experience offers exceptional strategic direction to client engagements marrying customer needs with business outcomes and technology opportunities.

Empower your digital journey