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21 November

Online: Day One

Industry Deep Dive: Impact of Technology on SaaS

Chief Product Officer Sarah Thompson, EROAD

Fireside Chat | 4:00 PM 

Let's dive into what is front of mind for those in SaaS and explore how technology and innovation is creating opportunity for those in the industry. We will discuss the utilisation of cloud technology to scale, impact of sustainability on business operations and utilising automation to increase profitability.


Using a Customer Vision to Drive Digital Transformation

GM Design Dan Cornwall, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 5:30 PM 

How to map the vision for your future customer experience to help steer the path forward for your digital transformation journey.

Most organisations have a mission that summarises the purpose of the business without a concrete plan on how to get from their current state to future successes. This session covers the framework and ingredients needed to create a tangible and validated Experience Vision to drive digital product delivery. This ‘North Star’ provides a long term customer-centred product direction that help teams plan quarterly roadmaps and shape day-to-day prioritisation and decision making.

22 November

Online: Day Two

Cybersecurity: What NZ Business Leaders Need to Know 

CEO Alex Teh, Chillisoft & Cybersecurity Consultant Michael Wallmannsberger, Wallmannsberger Limited

Fireside Chat | 12:30 PM 

As the number of ransomware attacks rise, cybersecurity is more important than ever for NZ business leaders. Understanding the trends and how to manage cyber threats has become a business imperative. Let's explore what business leaders need to know to minimise the risk and save reputational damage in this fireside chat with leaders in the field.

Discover emerging trends in the Cybersecurity space, how the threat landscape is changing, and why NZ Business leaders need to worry about information security. Find out what the impact of war further afield means for security threats in New Zealand and how businesses should be responding to breaches based on recent learnings. 


FinOps: A New Approach in Getting Your Cloud Costs Under Control

VP Technology David Shepherd, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 4:00 PM 

Cost management tools and monthly reports will only get you so far. To truly get your cloud costs under control you need to adopt a FinOps approach. In this session you will learn about the principles, practices and tools needed to make FinOps successful.

We’re sure you’ve experienced the occasional or regular “bill-shock” when the monthly cloud usage invoice turns up from Microsoft or Amazon and the sometimes difficult meetings that result from an unbudgeted or accidental overspend. If you haven’t yet you most likely will soon as your cloud footprint grows.

FinOps is the practice of merging together the finance and DevOps responsibilities and disciplines. When done correctly it enables distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost and service quality. FinOps is not just a process or set of tools, it’s a cultural practice that needs teams to collaborate and take ownership of cloud usage and spend.

In this session we’ll cover the principles, practices and strategies as well as an approach for adopting and embedding a FinOps culture in your organisation. There are a number of tools available to help you view and manage your cloud costs including some that allow you to estimate your infrastructure cost as you’re designing it. This session will give you a quick start overview of FinOps and share several resources for taking this approach into your organisation.


Creating Your Unique Value Proposition for Recruiting and Retaining Talent in the Tech Landscape 

Head of Talent and Culture Khush Sethi, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 5:30 PM

Create an authentic approach to recruiting and retaining talent in a tight market. We’ll share how to develop your secret sauce to increase employer brand and secure the right people based on our learnings in the current landscape.

In this session, we will build on the core principles of talent and culture to showcase common practices and techniques to hire and retain world-class talent in a candidate short market. We will delve into tips and tricks for securing the right candidate and creating a culture and employer brand that retains your people. We will touch on why having a strong employer brand is so important for increasing visibility in a constrained candidate market. Based on our experience and learnings, we will explore the best approach to establish a seamless, engaging and positive candidate-to-employee experience.

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”– Walt Disney.

23 November

Online: Day Three

How to Plan, Discover, Design and Deliver Value Faster

ClearPoint Design Studio

Masterclass | 12:30 PM 

Focus on designing value faster – use design techniques to prioritise the delivery of value to market. This session covers recommendations and proven design techniques that ensure initiatives and team activities are right-sized to manage risk, maintain velocity, and prioritise value.

Businesses need to deliver value and innovation at velocity to ensure they maintain an edge in the market and deliver return on investment. In partnership with our clients, we’ve built a core capability to shape and size our work to meet the challenges of our client budgets and business needs.

This session covers recommendations and proven design techniques that ensure initiatives and team activities are right-sized to manage risk, maintain velocity, and prioritise value.


Exploring Cloud Data Warehousing 

Practice Lead - Data Engineering and Principal Engineer Asanka Padmakumara, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 4:00 PM 

This dive into data warehousing will showcase the benefits, types and how everyone can utilise it. We will explore what cloud has to offer for a data warehousing platform and the various benefits.

The concept of Data Warehousing has been there for a long time and most organisations have adopted it as a part of their data and analytics strategy. In recent years, Cloud data warehousing platforms have become increasingly popular, mainly due to innovative technologies that can be leveraged. In this session, we will walk you through core concepts in cloud data warehousing while exploring new cloud data warehousing technologies and buzzwords. Additionally, we will cover the benefits of using cloud data warehousing technologies and how an organisation makes the best use of these cloud services.


Industry Deep Dive: Impact of Technology on Retail

Digital & Loyalty Director Mark Wolfenden, Countdown

Fireside Chat | 5:30 PM 

Let's dive into what is front of mind for those in retail and explore how technology and innovation is creating opportunity and disruption in the industry. We will discuss the changing customer interface and interaction model, impact of cloud technologies and building resilience.

24 November

Online: Day Four

Top Trends in DevSecOps 

GM Transformation Mike Gatman, Practice Lead Ava Czechowska & Open Source Chief Engineer Andrew Lindesay, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 12:30 PM 

Based on ClearPoint’s extensive market experience, we’ll explore current DevSecOps trends, tooling and thinking – where the challenges are today and the opportunities are tomorrow.

We will share our experience in supporting NZ enterprises in adopting DevSecOps tools - the challenges we’ve seen across the industry and how these can be overcome. Through a variety of customer examples and a showcase, we’ll delve into the emerging opportunities in DevSecOps, including security in the pipeline, and discuss how adopting new tools and technologies can be enhanced with a focus on the developer onboarding experience.

This practical advice will be valuable for any engineering leader looking to improve their DevSecOps capabilities.


Winning Through Pivoting Towards Customer Success 

COO & GM Platforms Paul Scott, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 4:00 PM 

Retaining existing customers is essential to your business strategy for growth and success. 

It’s a well-known fact that it is significantly easier to keep an existing customer over acquiring a new one. Yet, why in 2022 do organisations and leaders spend so much time and money on acquisition and “hope for the best” when it comes to retaining customers? Are you missing out on the revenue generated from further “up and cross-sell” typically by delivering below-par customer service, or worse is your brand reputation being impacted?

We explore what is required in 2023 to pivot your strategy to ensure you win by retaining your existing customers and how to deliver an unparalleled level of customer service and success in the digital age turning them into true advocates.


Exploring a Mobile App Strategy Bible

Mobile Practice Lead David Rawson, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 5:30 PM 

Why is mobile app development so different? In this session, we will explore a new authoritative text Building Mobile Apps at Scale: 39 Engineering Challenges. This text, by renowned technologist Gergely Orosz, covers the unique challenges of mobile development and the tradeoffs between hybrid and native solutions.

25 November

Online: Day Five

How Moving to AWS Can Support Your Business Strategy

SRE Practice Lead - AWS Terence White, ClearPoint

Masterclass | 12:30 PM

An organisation looking to enhance its business strategy can choose to leverage AWS. This session will explore some of the advantages of doing so. Let’s look at how AWS helps to improve the security, reliability, scalability, sustainability and availability of your business applications and how to increase the velocity of your in-house developers through a range of AWS services.

Want to get increased visibility and control of your backend IT costs? Let’s see how moving to AWS can help you implement good FinOps practices to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.


Industry Deep Dive: Impact of Technology on Financial Services

Platform Tribe Lead - Customer Channels Frances Burnett, ASB Bank

Fireside Chat | 4:00 PM 

Let's dive into what is front of mind for those in financial services and explore how technology and innovation is creating opportunity and disruption in the industry. We will discuss the impact of compliance, sustainability and changing customer demands.